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Announcing the Magic Strollers Warehouse Shop

Halfway between the airport and Walt Disney World.

Pick up your stroller from our shop and save 25%

The Brave New World of Stroller Rental at Walt Disney World

Renting a stroller for your Walt Disney World vacation just got a lot more complicated if you will be staying at a Disney resort. Disney resort guests now face some tough choices because of Disney's new stroller rental guidelines.

Disney recently ended its "Disney Featured Stroller Provider" program and decided that only one new company would be allowed to deliver strollers to Walt Disney World resort luggage rooms.

We were saddened by Disney’s decision since the 10 year old Featured  Stroller Provider program, which included Magic Strollers, was successful and we’ve had many loyal families use a Magic Stroller each time they visited Walt Disney World.

Your choices of stroller rental companies that can have a stroller waiting for you in your Walt Disney World resort luggage room has now gone from seven to one.

Please note that this change doesn’t affect stroller reservations made with Magic Strollers before September 30, even though the delivery date is later than that.

And, importantly, Disney’s new guidelines only affect Disney resorts.  We are still renting strollers and delivering them to over 200 area hotels just like we have always been.

At Magic Strollers, we have shifted gears and are now pleased to be renting strollers at a 25% discount from our warehouse shop located between the Orlando airport and Disney World at 7331 Presidents Drive, Orlando, FL 32809. Instead of paying Disney to be a Featured Provider, we are sharing those cost savings with our customers.

Of course, we were worried about whether this might work but we have been very pleasantly surprised at how many people are stopping by our warehouse to pick up their stroller.  A Disney vacation is always very expensive and we all want to take every opportunity we can to save a little.  We’d also like to think our reputation for being a reliable, quality stroller rental company helps! Over 120,000 rentals over the last ten years says something!

And, we have discovered how much we love getting to meet our customers and how much our customers enjoy the process too. We like explaining the features of the stroller in person. All of our strollers are Baby Jogger brand and if you’ve never used one before, there are a lot of features that can be difficult for the first time user to figure out.  Having the opportunity to walk through and demonstrate how easy it is to fold and unfold the stroller, recline the seats and apply the parking brake saves us all time.  It sure beats holding up the line to get on the bus trying to figure out how to fold the stroller for the first time.

The downside to the warehouse shop is that we have many many repeat customers who can’t take advantage of the warehouse shop because they don’t have a car. We have looked long and hard to find a way to conveniently and economically serve these customers but so far we have not been able to find a way.

And, the warehouse shop is not just for Disney resort guests! We’re excited that visitors staying in an airbnd or vrbo home or condo can pick up their stroller from our shop and save 25% too. We’ve never delivered to private homes so in the past we’ve had to turn away lots of business to this rapidly growing market.