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Let us answer your questions  and provide more details about Magic Strollers

At Magic Strollers, we want to make your stroller rental as effortless as possible.  We are all about convenience and offer these questions and answers to help you make the right choices so that your vacation goes as smoothly as possible.  There's enough hassle with vacations without us adding to it

Can you tell me about Magic Strollers?

Magic Strollers is part of Owner’s Locker, the vacation storage company that works with Disney Vacation Club. In 2009, we launched Magic Strollers as another service to help make Disney vacations more convenient. We tested several strollers and quickly settled on the Baby Jogger brand. We began with two strollers, the City Mini and City, and added the GT and later Summit strollers when they were introduced by Baby Jogger.  We work very closely with Baby Jogger engineers and meet with them periodically to suggest changes as well as keep up to date on new products in their pipeline. We became officially affiliated with Disney in 2010 with Owner’s Locker and in 2013, Magic Strollers was chosen by Disney to be one of their “featured stroller providers.”

-How long have you been in business? Disney outsourced the strollers in the parks in 2008 and the new company quickly raised prices.  Our Owner’s Locker members began asking us if there was anything we could do to help.  Lots of testing and surveying was followed in September 2009 with the launch of Magic Strollers.  Owner’s Locker had been delivery guests’ vacation gear to resort luggage rooms since 2007 so adding Magic Strollers was a natural fit!