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Don’t need a Disney World Stroller Rental? Think again!

Even if you think your kids have outgrown a stroller, and that lugging your stroller from home is the very last thing you want to do, you might want to reconsider that decision and opt for a Disney World stroller rental from Magic Strollers, a Disney featured stroller provider.

As you’ll see when you get to the Magic Kingdom or any of the other Walt Disney World theme parks, families who would never dream of using a stroller at home will have their kids in a stroller at Disney World. And kids who would turn their nose up at getting into a stroller at home will be nagging you to get one for them after walking for about an hour in a theme park.

Gone are the days when a visit to Walt Disney World was a leisurely stroll. With the introduction of the My Disney Experience app and Fast Passes, you almost need a stopwatch to make sure you don’t miss any of the attractions Disney has made it so easy to schedule. The Fast Pass gives you a specific time to go to an attraction and enter a special, much shorter queue.  But you only have a fifteen-minute window and if you are late, you could miss the opportunity to Ride Big Thunder Mountain. A tired and cranky kid having a meltdown can also make you miss that perfect spot for watching the parade. 

As much as you may think you don’t need a Disney World stroller rental, going to the Magic Strollers site to reserve your stroller can be just as important as deciding whether it’s going to be Space Mountain or the Jungle Cruise.

Once you decide that having a stroller will enhance your theme park experience, you have several choices. You can certainly bring your own stroller, but let’s face it.  If you are driving, they take up a lot of space in your vehicle.  If you are flying, you have the worry that your stroller might get damaged or lost by the airline and hope it fits in the rental car. If you do decide to bring your own stroller, please consider labelling it in some way so you can find it easily. Even tying a balloon to it will help as Disney cast members are stationed at each designated stroller parking location in the theme parks and they are constantly rearranging the locations of the strollers to better utilize the space.

Renting a stroller from one of the Disney approved stroller rental companies like Magic Strollers is most likely the best option.  You have the stroller at hand for your entire trip. The strollers you can rent in the theme park can’t be taken out of the theme park.  They are also made of hard plastic and park strollers don’t recline.  This may not be a problem with older kids, but if you have little ones that might need a nap, a theme park stroller is not a good idea.

If your child is fast asleep after the fireworks, they can stay in the stroller all the way to your car or the parking lot tram.

Magic Strollers has a large selection of strollers including single strollers and double strollers.  When you go to the Magic Strollers site, you will need to know the height and weight of you kids to enable you to choose the right Orlando stroller rental for your Disney trip. Just tell us when you are arriving and where you are staying and we’ll have your rental stroller waiting for you at your resort. You’ll be able to use it at your resort, in a water park, shopping, at restaurants, and of course in the theme parks.  One of the reasons we like Baby Jogger brand strollers is that they are drop dead easy to fold up and get on and off Disney buses, boats and monorails. Magic Strollers will even include a rain cover if you request one.

Oh, and did we mention that having a rental stroller also gives you a place to stash that backpack when you go on a ride at the Magic Kingdom? Even if you only have one child, you might want to consider a double stroller to lighten your load!

Rent a stroller now simply by starting with your vacation dates to see our range of quality Baby Jogger strollers.