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Let us answer your questions  and provide more details about Magic Strollers

At Magic Strollers, we want to make your stroller rental as effortless as possible.  We are all about convenience and offer these questions and answers to help you make the right choices so that your vacation goes as smoothly as possible.  There's enough hassle with vacations without us adding to it

Can I switch strollers after it has been delivered?

Unfortunately, we can’t just switch one stroller for another. To get a different stroller, you will have to edit your existing reservation to shorten it and then making a new reservation for the different stroller.  We will need to deliver the second stroller and clean and sanitize your original stroller after it has been picked up.  This can be a very expensive option and it is probably best to call us (866 866 6177) to discuss costs if you are considering replacing your original stroller.