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Do I need a Disney Stroller rental in Orlando?

If you are the lucky parents of an infant or small child, having a stroller waiting for you with your luggage, or even better, in the jetway when you get off the plane for your Walt Disney World vacation, is a major convenience.  We’re parents and know all too well how stressful flying with kids can be. And the stuff you need on the plane with a small child or infant…let’s just say it’s a LOT! You might be excited about going to the Magic Kingdom, but they may not have the slightest appreciation of what they (and you) are in store for.

And if you’re traveling with more than one child, it can be more than stressful. A single parent? It just got worse.  You only have two hands so you want any help you can get. Wanting to have a stroller at the airport can make a lot of sense.

If you do want a stroller at the airport, an Orlando stroller rental is not an option, but you may still want a Disney stroller rental for your vacation, as you’ll read below.

Having a stroller at the airport does mean bringing your own.  If you decide to bring your stroller and you want it as soon as you walk off the plane, make sure it will not be too big to check at the gate.  Your airline can guide you, but the safest bet would be an umbrella stroller.  In addition to being compact, they are also fairly inexpensive, so if it gets damaged in handling, you’re not out a $600 stroller.

But, while the umbrella stroller might be a godsend at the airport and for getting your kids to your room at your Disney resort, all of those advantages will quickly become liabilities when you go to a theme park.

Here’s a word to the wise if you decide to bring an umbrella stroller. You won’t be pushing that umbrella stroller very long in one of the Disney parks before you decide that walking bent over is not fun.  Few umbrella strollers recline which can make naps a problem.

When you are in the Magic Kingdom, have a look at the faces of the parents hunched over pushing an umbrella stroller.  You can either share their pain or be glad you left the umbrella stroller in the room and rented a “proper” stroller from a Disney Featured Stroller Provider like Magic Strollers.

So, if you will need a stroller at the airport, we think the “right” decision for you is to leave the expensive stroller at home (you don’t need the hassle of a dispute with the airline about damage) and bring an umbrella stroller that you can check at the gate so you can have it waiting when you get off the plane. Then, when you get to your resort, put the umbrella stroller in the closet in your room until it’s time to head home and pick up your Disney stroller rental that will be waiting for you at your resort luggage room.

Pushing an umbrella stroller through a crowded airport is a piece of cake compared to pushing one through a crowded theme park for six, ten or twelve hours, this is where that expensive stroller makes sense, and an Orlando Stroller rental for the length of your stay in Walt Disney World makes sense and can be incredible value for money.  At Magic Strollers, we carry six different strollers from the very highly rated Baby Jogger brand that retail from about $300 to $700.  They are easy to push, easy to fold, easy to steer, easy to recline (independently if you have a double stroller) and very comfortable and suitable for infants.  They are also very reasonably priced for rental as you’ll quickly see when you enter your desired dates on the Magic Strollers website and see the cost for the six Disney stroller rentals we offer.

We do need to briefly mention the option of renting a park stroller from Disney.  The Walt Disney World theme parks do have strollers you can rent inside the parks.  They have several disadvantages if you have small children.  They are made of hard plastic and don’t recline.  Also, they cannot be taken out of the park so you won’t have it on hand at your resort.  If you go to more than one park in a day, you won’t have to pay for two rentals, but you will need to turn your stroller in at one park and get another stroller at the next park. Disney theme parks strollers are very reasonably priced for one day, but if you opt to rent one for the length of your stay, they can become very expensive.  If you want to rent a stroller at Disney Springs, there is a $100 deposit required. The hard plastic Disney park strollers are not available to rent at the Disney water parks, Typhoon Lagoon, and Blizzard Beach or the Disney resorts.

The “right” option is to have is to have an Orlando stroller rental waiting for you when you check into the resort.  If you are staying at a Disney resort, make sure the stroller rental company you use is a “Disney Featured Stroller Provider.” The Disney featured providers are allowed to deliver your stroller to your resort luggage room so it is waiting for you when you arrive and they will pick it up from the resort luggage room after you depart.  The Disney featured stroller providers are the only stroller rental companies that can deliver your stroller to the luggage rooms at your Disney resort.  Very importantly, you don’t have to be present when your stroller is delivered or when it is picked up. 

If you rent from a stroller rental company that is not Disney approved, you DO have to be present for the delivery of the stroller, and you also have to meet a representative of the stroller rental company to return your stroller. There are quite a few Orlando stroller rental companies but only three are Disney approved, and Magic Strollers is one of them. If you do rent from a stroller rental company that has not been approved by Disney, make sure you check out reviews online and when you speak with them ask them how long they have been in business and how many stroller rentals they have made.  As a reference, Magic Strollers has been in business for ten years with over 100,000 rentals.

There are other reasons why your Orlando stroller rental should be from one of the stroller rental companies that is Disney approved.  Disney carefully examined over 30 different stroller rental companies, chose ten for a more in-depth examination and ultimately chose three, including Magic Strollers that Disney determined met their high standards.

A Disney team visited our facility on several occasions, examined the condition of our fleet and carefully monitored and approved of our cleaning and sanitizing protocol as well as our delivery methods and reputation.

Magic Strollers must comply with Disney standards and must have adequate insurance in place, or we could lose the Disney approval.

The real advantage of a length of stay Disney stroller rental is the convenience for you and comfort for your kids. Having a stroller at your resort means your child can ride in comfort at the resort, to the pool, shopping and in restaurants.  The Baby Jogger brand strollers rented by Magic Strollers are very easy to fold and get on and off Disney buses, boats and monorails.  If you are using your car, they fold easily to fit in the trunk or the back of a minivan. They are easy to push and steer through the theme parks and are clearly marked to help you identify your stroller among what we call the “sea of strollers” at the Disney parks.

As you are rushing from one attraction to another pushing, a stroller will be far easier than carrying a child.  And when they nod off right when you have found that perfect place to watch the fireworks, just recline the seat so they can fall asleep. And stay in their stroller until you board Disney Transport.